Are you fed up of living with the symptoms of Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis?

If so, I know it can be hard to imagine a life without the fatigue, frequent urgent movements, and pain.

A life without fear, embarrassment, and frustration.

It can be hard to picture yourself full of energy, happiness, confidence and freedom to enjoy your life as it used to be.

It’s hard to imagine.

But I want you to know that, no matter what you’ve been told up to now, it is possible to achieve.

Donna, my wife, has completely turned her health around after years of living with the awful symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis.

I’ll share her story with you shortly, but if you can relate to any of the following then I think this will be relevant to you…

  • You suffer from Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis
  • You often feel fatigued through the day
  • You sometimes suffer bouts of anxiety and depression
  • You experience frequent or urgent bowel movements
  • You’ve been given medication to ‘manage’ the condition
  • You often worry about social situations and knowing where the nearest toilet is
  • You lack libido
  • You’re sick of feeling frustrated that nobody around you understands what you’re going through…yet you don’t always feel you can open up to your friends or family about your illness
  • You’re mentally drained from dealing with your symptoms as well as dealing with the stress of daily life
  • You’re wasting hours of time researching symptoms and finding no help
  • You feel you’ve tried everything and you’re on the verge of giving up…

If you resonated with ANY of the above situations, you’re not alone.

People all over the world are dealing with the same issues as you every day but aren’t being given all the help they truly need.

If you want to turn things around, and don’t feel ready to give up, then I think you’ll find a lot of use in Donna’s story…

She was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 13 years ago.

Because of her, I came to specialise in helping people with Crohn’s & UC, and have now helped to transform the health of hundreds of people living with these diseases.

This is her story – in her own words – which, for me at least, is quite emotional to read…

If you want to turn things around, and don’t feel ready to give up, then I think you’ll find a lot of use in Donna’s story…

She was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 13 years ago.

Because of her, I came to specialise in helping people with Crohn’s & UC, and have now helped to transform the health of hundreds of people living with these diseases.

This is her story – in her own words – which, for me at least, is quite emotional to read…

It all started in August 2003 at a music festival.

I was 20 years old and camping for the weekend with a group of friends. It was a typical festival weekend –lots of beer & greasy burgers.

It was Saturday night, I went back to the tent.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night desperate for the loo! I found the disgusting, overflowing portaloos in the campsite.  Unfortunately, I had to go another 3 times that night.

The next day was horrendous. It was clear that I had some sort of bug.  My doctor suspected I may have Ulcerative Colitis (UC) & referred me to a consultant.

By the time February came around things had got so bad that I was taken to hospital.  I was dangerously underweight and losing so much blood that I had become anaemic. The consultant said I was very close to death.

I was finally diagnosed with UC, but they couldn’t see the extent of the disease as the inflammation was so bad.

In March I had a colonoscopy. The medication increased, including more steroids, Mesalazine and about 10 pints of blood taken.

The list of medications was insane.

I remember my Dad sitting with me at home, we were trying to work out which tablets I needed to take at what time of the day – steroids, Mesalazine, iron tablets, antibiotics. I was taking about 30 tablets a day when I came out of hospital!

I was training to be an Accountant at the time and I was off work sick for about 4 months. Now I realise that the pressure of the Accountancy training is probably what ‘pulled the trigger’ on my UC.  The stress of having to pass exams (or lose my job) is what made the UC appear in the first place – I am convinced of that.

I tried controlling my symptoms with food. But knowing what I do now, when I think back I realize that the advice I received from the dietician was absolutely shocking.

They told me to eat many of the foods that I now know to be big triggers for me. 

But when you’re told something by someone at the hospital you just believe it, don’t you?

Just like you believe it when the consultant tells you you’ll be ill for the rest of your life…

I stayed on the drugs for years, which kept the UC largely under control. When I say “under control”, I mean that there was no blood or diarrhoea any more, but I still suffered exhaustion every single day…

And I would wake every morning in so much pain in my bowel that I wanted to cry. 

But you don’t. You get up and you go to work and get on with it.

Even if that does mean falling asleep at your desk or in the toilets (many times!).

Greg and I started dating in July 2007.  I was terrified how he’d react when I told him about the UC, but he was surprisingly cool with it.

And so it carried on for a few more years. Weeks of absolute agony and exhaustion.

The final straw in my health was contracting shingles – possibly the most horrendous thing that has ever happened to me.

And the reason it occurred? Because of the medication that was supposed to be ‘helping’ me.

I suffered the shingles for over 9 months. The doctor said it was the worst case they had seen in years. I was on yet another cocktail of drugs for 10 months and spent most of that time, including my 30th birthday, in a bit of a dazed and confused state.

This was the turning point for both myself and Greg.

I wanted to get off the drugs that were causing me more harmful side effects.

I wanted to be free.

I just wanted my life back. Is that too much to ask?

Greg – as a qualified nutritionist – made a decision that I will be forever grateful to him for, because it changed my life.

He started all the training and research that he could to discover how I could beat this once and for all.

Greg was sure that it could be healed naturally, but I wasn’t convinced.

I was curious but I was also swayed by the Doctor’s when they tell you that medication is the only way.

Although I wasn’t totally convinced, I allowed Greg to come up with a meal plan for me.

I was shocked at the positive results! I honestly felt like a different person within a couple of months simply be making the right food choices.

So fuelled by this success with the diet I decided that my mission was to come off of all medication.

Now I am not saying that this is the right course of action for everyone, and I am certainly not telling people to go against their Doctor’s advice., but I knew deep down that this was the right thing for me personally.

I made the decision (without telling Greg or my consultant) to stop the slowly come off the cocktail of drugs, as I didn’t feel they were doing anything for me.

Again I will say I am not recommending this to anyone, seek advice from your consultant.

Today, I am healthier now that I have ever been. I am symptom and medication free. In fact, I am healthier than most people I know. And we also now have a gorgeous daughter – we always worried I’d never be well enough to have a baby.

And I can honestly say I LOVE my lifestyle.

I live an active and healthy life on my own terms.

I enjoy what I eat and how I live. 

Never again will I allow the UC to get the better of me.

I am stronger than the disease and I have not come this far to allow it back into my life again.

Donna x”

Hi, its Greg here again.

Thank you for taking the time to read Donna’s story. It’s been an emotional journey for us both.

The transformation in her health has been truly incredible and I’m pleased to say that now she is completely symptom and medication free.  She has her life back and lives it on her terms, not those of her disease.

By now you’re probably wondering…

What exactly did we do to get Donna to this point (completely naturally) when all the doctors told us it couldn’t be done?

Well there were many steps we took, and there weren’t any magic pills, it took a lot of trial and error, and the road to success wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked, but eventually we developed a process that changed her life.

What my wife and I realised is that things such as prescribed medication may temporarily help to relieve your symptoms but all they are doing is trying to mask them.

To get to a place where you can feel amazing long term, you need to get to the root cause of your problems.  Here ares a few people who have done just that…

Meet Tony…

Meet Jason…

“My inflammation levels have reduced significantly and I have been able to eliminate my medication”

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in October 2007, following a year of cramps, diarrhoea & sickness. I suffered badly at least once a year from that moment onwards, each year resulted in hospitalisation, with the exception of a short period of remission whilst I was pregnant in 2011.  Over that time I was given lots of drugs including Prednisolone, Azathioprine and Infliximab.  However, they weren’t making me feel any better and I hated putting them in my body.  I was eating a very good diet, full of unprocessed foods but it still wasn’t helping.  I reached out to Greg for help and it has completely changed my life.  My inflammation levels have reduced significantly and I have been able to eliminate my medication which was a major goal of mine.  What’s more I feel absolutely fantastic! Honestly, if you suffer with IBD then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Greg – I’m so glad that I did as I feel amazing and it’s transformed my health.

Kayleigh Vermont, Crohn’s Sufferer

Meet James…

Meet Katie…

“My bowel movements are now back under control, and I have so much more energy now to do the things I love including exercise and spending more time with my family.”

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s about 18yrs ago, though my symptoms started about a year or two before that.

In particular, I suffered with bloating, pain in the stomach, and especially sharp pains on the right side, and also nausea.  I was going to the toilet far too often, but my biggest frustration was the lack of energy.  I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I would like and wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted with my children because I felt so shattered.

I was heading towards 40 and decided there was no better time to start turning things around, which is why I got in touch with Greg.

I’m so glad I did.  My bowel movements are now back under control, and I have so much more energy now to do the things I love including exercise and spending more time with my family.

Honestly, if you suffer from Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis and want to get your life back, then get in touch with Greg. I’m so glad that I did, it will make a massive difference to how you feel.

Tim Peters, Crohn’s Sufferer

I’ve helped both sufferers of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, many of whom had suffered for a long time and many of whom had already tried numerous approaches, including the so-called “healthy” diets.

I feel so passionately about helping people diagnosed with Crohn’s or Colitis as much as I possibly can.

I know when you are in a flare it can be truly awful and you’ll do whatever you can to feel better.

That’s why I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the years, and have put it into a programme that you can use to quickly feel better than ever before…

I’m calling it my “14 Day Reset” programme.

When you get access, you’ll be able to follow my unique, step by step, 14 day programme, to help give yourself the best possible chance at feeling dramatically better in as quick a timeframe as possible.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll get when you get access…

  • 14-day meal plan, including breakfast, lunch, dinners so you will have a clear, simple guide on what to eat to help transform your health. These foods are easy to prepare, and taste great!
  • A complete food list of foods to avoid, and suitable foods to include (for instances when the exact meals listed on the meal plan aren’t for you for whatever reason). Never be in doubt about whether you should eat something or not!
  • A complete guide on the supplements to be taking during the 14 days to help boost your results. These alone can and do have a dramatic impact on your symptoms very quickly. It can be so easy to waste money on ineffective supplements, so having this clear plan will mean you only use the things that will be effective for you.
  • Mindset exercises to be ensuring your mindset is in the right place to help you to start feeling better than ever (and stay that way!).
  • How to improve your sleep (a critical step for helping you to turn things around as quickly as possible)

What’s more, as a special bonus, I’m currently including for free (value of £49) my IBD Stress Management Toolkit that gives you everything you need to help better cope with stress in your life and are the things I’ve seen to be most effective for someone living with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis!

Essentially, you get everything you need to give yourself the best possible chance to feel dramatically better quickly and effectively.

How you’ll benefit

This 14 day programme can help you get your health back on track as quickly as possible when really struggling with your symptoms.

It’s a particularly beneficial programme for someone who needs results fast, or who is in a flare and wants to do all they can to feel better.

Some of the benefits people have mentioned after going through the 14 day programme include…

  • Increased energy levels / less fatigue
  • Much more controlled, well-formed, less urgent bowel movements
  • Less pain
  • Much more peaceful night’s sleep and wake in the morning feeling refreshed!
  • Happier leaving the house without feeling anxious about where the nearest bathroom is.
  • Reduce any joint pain and back pain.
  • Much happier, excited, more positive mood.

Here are a few comments we had inside the Facebook group…

No matter whether you have Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, how long you have suffered for, or what you have tried in the past, I believe this programme can be hugely beneficial for you.

You’re probably wondering how much all of this is going to cost…

People currently pay up to £2,995 to join one of my 3-month personalised programmes (that includes a lot of support and some very advanced testing).

I do appreciate however that not everybody is able to make that kind of investment, but I genuinely do want to help as many people as I possibly can.

That’s why, for access to this programme, I’m not going to charge anything like that, even though I’m sure you feel like anything would be worth it if it meant you could feel better than you do right now.

I have seen the effects that Crohn’s / Colitis can have on someone’s life and I want to show people that there is something that can be done to help them feel better.

Because this programme is all online, it means my time is not constrained by working with each person individually, and so I’m able to offer it at a substantially reduced cost to my normal prices.

So today, for just £39, you can get access to the programme and all the materials straight away!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Hopefully, you can appreciate that this is fantastic value but I do understand even at this price you might be hesitant about if it’s worth it if you’ll be able to stick to it, if it will work, etc.

That’s why I’m including this risk-free guarantee…

Sign up today and you’ll get instant access to the programme. If for any reason you don’t feel it’s a fit for you during the first two weeks, simply send our support team a message through the “Contact” section of this site and we’ll credit you back 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

If you join this programme and follow the simple step by step advice, I believe you’ll notice a substantial improvement in your health.

In just 14 days time, you can notice a big change in how you feel, with more energy, less pain, more sex drive, loads of confidence, less anxiety, and drastically improved relationships.

Best of all, you’ll have the knowledge you need forevermore.

Is this Programme right for you?

Essentially, this programme is designed for anyone with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis who doesn’t feel as good as they want to right now, and wants to turn things around quickly.

But it’s not going to be for everyone…

Firstly, if you are vegetarian / vegan it won’t be for you.

That’s not to say there wouldn’t be value in it, or that we can’t help you at all, but this specific programme hasn’t been built for you as many of the recommended meals include meat and fish.  A personalised programme would be much more appropriate for you so just get in touch if interested in that.

Secondly, following this programme to the letter isn’t necessarily easy.

The 14 day diet is almost certainly more restrictive than what you currently eat.

That said it can work wonders, it’s for just 14 days, the majority of the meals taste great and I share as much information as possible to help make things as easy as possible for you for the 2 weeks.

However, if you are just looking for something with no real change to what you eat now, then it wouldn’t be suitable.

You obviously do need to make changes to take full value from the programme.

I’d also add that living through a flare isn’t easy either, so I personally always think something like this is worth a try.

The plan focuses on helping you to feel better using natural methods.

Finally, if you are just looking for supplement advice or a “magic pill” then this won’t be for you.  A supplement plan is included but these need to be used alongside the diet and lifestyle changes.  Just using one element of the plan won’t work – it needs to be a combination of everything for it to be most effective.

That said, it will be most suited to you if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, are ready to take action, and will do what’s necessary to feel better.

If that applies to you then just click on the button below to get started now….

Is this all I need?

I should also be clear that this isn’t a long-term plan that shows you all the steps needed to get to a place where you are completely symptom and medication free.

I’ve worked with many people – normally over a 3-6 month time frame – who have completely turned things around and got to a place where they are largely symptom-free (and many are free of medication too).

What it is, is a 14 day plan to get you feeling as good as possible in a very quick time frame, when you are completely fed up with your symptoms and want to feel better.

Many people who have joined this programme were in a flare and wanted a plan to help them feel better quickly, and this is the plan I would give to most of my personal 1:1 clients if they were in a flare too.

At the end of the 14 days you would have everything you needed should you wish to do the 14 days again in the future, and if you desired you can ask me about the possibility of working with me and my team going forward (likely over the following few months to help transform your health and get you to a place where my wife and many others now are).

I would be lying if I said that you could transform your health forever in just 14 days (and I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me if I said you could!). But you CAN feel significantly better very quickly, and this programme is the best way to do that.

Wait no longer

I don’t know how long you’ve suffered these symptoms, but it’s likely long enough.  This programme has helped people all over the world and can help you to feel much better.

I know it can feel like there is never a perfect time for something like this but every day that passes and you don’t take action, is another day of symptoms and your health can be getting worse.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from accepting this invitation.  Remember, if the programme isn’t for you once you have taken a look at it, you can just let me know and I’ll refund your investment.

If you feel this is right for you, just click the button below to get started…

Speak soon,


p.s. I do just need to make it clear that this programme doesn’t replace anything you are deciding to do with your doctor, and neither am I treating, curing, preventing or diagnosing disease.

Rather I am simply providing you with access to what I personally believe is the best steps to be taking if you want to feel better as quickly as possible in a relatively short time frame.  If you choose to follow that advice you do so at your own risk and can always consult with your doctor if you want to before making any changes.

Starting on this programme also doesn’t mean you need to stop doing whatever you are with your doctor.  It is a programme that can run very well alongside whatever you are doing already.

p.p.s. A few common questions I’m asked are below, in case you’ve been wondering them too…

Q: “I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked! How is this different?”

A: Many people I’ve helped felt this way before coming to me, and I totally get it.

It’s so frustrating when you can’t find the right information! The real way to heal such issues isn’t common knowledge (for a variety of reasons I won’t go into right now…). However, I ask you to let the results speak for themselves and to understand that without a lot of training, and experience, then it can be very hard to work out something like this for yourself.  I’ve invested thousands in my education, and countless hours, to be able to have the knowledge to create this programme, and believe that the information it contains can be more effective than anything you have tried up to now.

Q: “Will this involve a strict diet that I won’t be able to stick to?”
A: I understand that, at the moment, life may not be that fun. The LAST thing you want is even more restriction!  To be perfectly honest there will be changes that will be needed and the diet is restrictive to a certain extent. That said, it’s only for 14 days, and I’ve aimed to make the meal plan as tasty and enjoyable as possible.  I honestly believe it’s a small sacrifice to make, to get your health, happiness and freedom back.
Q: “I’m not convinced that natural alternatives will work”
A: Many clients of mine, including Donna, had similar concerns. I’m not trying to persuade you or claim anyone is ‘wrong’.  And I’m certainly not saying a doctors’ approach is wrong.  But I’ve helped a lot of people now to feel better than ever, using the principles I share in this programme.  And I honestly think they would work for you too.  But if you find that the programme isn’t for you, once you make a start, then you are protected by the moneyback guarantee.

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