“Oh, diet doesn’t work for me” is a common saying I hear from people with IBD.

Regardless of what people think, diet is HUGELY important when you suffer with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.  However, quite often diet alone doesn’t work.  Here’s 6 reasons why…

1. You’re doing it wrong

The fact is that most people I speak to THINK they are eating a healthy diet, but really aren’t.

That’s not their fault – there is a HUGE amount of poor advice out there  (in the media and coming from doctors especially).

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated but at the same time, most people do need to be shown how to do it right  (it’s actually much more enjoyable, and nowhere near as restrictive as most people think).

A focus on unprocessed foods is a great starting point but is FAR from the only step that someone should take.

2. It’s not been personalised to YOU

Everyone is different, and that means that we all respond differently to different foods.

By eating primarily unprocessed foods, you are automatically removing some of the most commonly problematic items but that doesn’t mean you’ve got rid of everything that might be a problem for YOU.  As an example of how unique we all are, my wife is highly sensitive to Turmeric, something that a lot of IBD sufferers actually supplement with for its anti-inflammatory effects.  Well for her, it’s highly inflammatory, and completely removing it is very important.

Working these things out alone often isn’t easy, and working with a professional, and/or utilising a really good food sensitivity test can pay dividends.

3. You haven’t given it long enough

Ok so you tried a healthier eating approach, but for how long exactly?  It’s very easy, after eating a fairly restrictive diet for a week, to expect miracles.

In reality though it takes consistent effort, week over week, and to be expected to be able to do that you’ll often need accountability, support and guidance.

It also helps to be able to find healthy alternatives for the foods you enjoy.  For example, I can very quickly knock up some amazing tasty healthy ice cream or milkshakes, for example, in a matter of minutes, so my diet, or that of my clients, never gets boring.

4. You’re Stressed

You could have the best diet, exercise well, sleep well and minimise exposure to toxins but if you are stressed, then all bets are off.

Stress is a massive problem and is clearly a major factor in bringing on the symptoms of IBD.  My wife was taking exams when she was first diagnosed, and I know of many other IBD sufferers who were also stressed when they first saw their symptoms.  When you have IBD, you need to keep your stress levels under control at all times.

5. You have a Parasite or Bacterial Imbalance

A healthy gut is so important.  If you have a parasite or imbalanced gut bacteria, then that needs to be corrected, and a healthy diet alone almost certainly won’t be enough to do that.  With my 1:1 clients, I often do a lot of testing – including stool tests and urine tests that help us to better understand what is going on inside your body so we can address things appropriately using specific protocols.

6. You are exposing yourself to environmental toxins

It’s practically impossible to completely avoid toxin exposure in this day and age.  From the BPA in the plastic water bottles that we drink from, to car fumes, to antiperspirant deodorant, to our shower gel, makeup, and even the water in our shower.  Toxins are everywhere and some people are more susceptible to these things than others.

Really working to minimise your toxic exposure, and being cleverer about the products you use each day, is very important.

I really do hope that this article gives you hope that no matter what you have tried in the past, there is always more that you can do, and long term remission is possible if you get the right advice.

NEVER give up.

Speak soon,


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