I used to play a lot of football when I was younger.
And as a team we normally did ok.
Won the league a few times, etc, etc.
And from a personal point of view sometimes I was pretty good, sometimes not so good (normally on the days Id only got in a few hours earlier after a heavy night out!).
When I was bad, my manager NEVER hesitated in telling me so, even if we had won.
(which is kind of fair enough I suppose).
But what used to really annoy me was when I played really well, we ended up losing….
And he would still tell me I was rubbish!
I always remember having scored a hat-trick and played really well, but because we lost 4-3, I got a rollicking!
Just because most of the others had played badly, it meant we were ALL tarnished with the same brush.
And that’s what seems to be happening with coconut oil.
You see coconut oil is a really healthy cooking oil that has been classed as bad (including, most recently, and quite frankly ridiculously, by the American Heart Association) because of all the other bad cooking oils out there.
(as a side note, check out this hilarious video from JP Sears all about coconut oil that I shared on my Facebook page the other day https://www.facebook.com/ibdspecialist/posts/1265833453528119 )
Coconut oil is made up by something called medium chain triglycerides (MCT).
Compared to most fats (which are long chain), these MCT’s are more easily used for energy.
Also, the Lauric acid and caprylic acid within coconut oil helps to increase your metabolism, and fight viruses, fungus, and bacteria, and it’s extremely easy for your body to digest. It also helps to promote the growth of friendly bacteria.
This means that coconut oil can help to improve your energy levels and mental focus, as well as helping to fight bugs and candida / yeast that could be a major cause of symptoms for you at the moment.
In fact, our Advanced Candida product also contains Caprylic acid for this reason, because it can be so effective at helping to fight candida and yeast
It’s also actually very good for your skin and hair.
I almost always use coconut oil when cooking meat (as opposed to an inflammatory vegetable oil)
You can also add it to your coffee
(which works great for a pre-exercise drink as it gives you bundles of energy)
Finally, I use it to make some AMAZING healthy desserts.
For example, I sometimes like to melt down some dark chocolate, mix in some melted coconut oil, coconut milk, add some raspberries, and then tuck in.
Speak soon,

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