This is coming straight from the top…

You want practical PROOF that things like Weight Watchers don’t work, long term, for almost EVERYBODY?

I recently found out that the former Finance Director of the company, Richard Samber, said the following when asked why his company done so well….

“It’s successful because the 84% [who can’t keep the weight off] keep coming back. That’s where your business comes from.”


Now in a normal business that is a good thing

<<< repeat custom shows you are doing something right

But that’s NOT the case with this stuff…if someone is going somewhere for results in terms of their body or health, then those results should last a lifetime.

Now obviously weight loss isn’t generally a huge concern for the people I work with nowadays, but a similar principle still applies….

I not only want to ensure that EVERYONE is successful in achieving their goals but that once they have finished working with me, they shouldn’t need to keep coming back for more help!

I don’t want to give someone with IBD a short term fix.  Quite often my clients are feeling significantly better within just a few weeks but to get to a place where you can be perfectly healthy for the rest of your life will take a little extra time.  I give them something, including the diet, that benefits them forever

It probably doesn’t make the greatest business sense in the world, but I don’t want people to rely on me.  I want them to live a long, happy, energetic, healthy life that isn’t dictated by this awful disease.  I want them to live each day as if they never even had IBD

This is one reason why I’m not a big fan of meal plans (where people have to eat EXACTLY what I tell them at every meal).  They are hard to stick to and once you don’t have one you have no idea what to do.

Weight Watchers are all about meal plans, as well as counting calories, points, cutting out health fats, etc

Rarely is there a focus on the quality of the foods, or personalising the plan for each person, their lifestyle, and their body  (they also love “low fat” foods which, in case you don’t know, is pretty ridiculous).

If you suffer with IBD then long term health is possible, despite what the doctors have told you.

It might not be a quick fix, but it will last for life

Speak soon,


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