I was watching a program recently on some of the most compelling (and sometimes weird and wacky) conspiracy theories.

I must admit, I do kind of like that type of thing, even as crazy as some of the theories may be.

One big one is all around who was responsible for killing US President JFK.

It’s actually exactly 54 years tomorrow that he was killed, and all these years later we still don’t truly know who was responsible (even though President Trump did recently release more documents surrounding his death).

The main culprit was Lee Harvey Oswald but he was killed himself (by a nightclub owner) as he was being transferred from police headquarters to the county jail.

Because of this we can never truly know whether Oswald was responsible or not.

There’s certainly some compelling conspiracy theories that would say he wasn’t (or certainly didn’t do it alone), and that he was just the scapegoat in a murder planned at the highest level.

I certainly don’t have the answers!

We’re never going to get to the bottom of everything that really happened, in the same way we’ll likely never get to the true root cause of your Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

Turn Your Health Around

I often talk about how we need to focus on your health, and get to the root cause of your problems, without just trying to mask them.

All of that is absolutely true and very important but we’ll likely never truly KNOW what the root cause was.

Firstly, it’s almost certainly a number of things, a combination of factors that built up over time.

Its likely food sensitivities, toxin exposure, stress, infections, imbalanced gut flora, genetics, and more.

So while I can help you to turn your health around, and help you to fix the root cause (and feel better, healthier and more energetic that you ever have!) I likely won’t be able to tell you the one root cause of your problems.

We can do testing to look deeper.

We may identify low levels of good bacteria in your gut for example.

Or the presence of a parasite.

They would all be things that MUST be addressed.

We can remove foods that are adding to the inflammation, and use certain foods and supplements that help to drastically reduce it

(things such as Advanced Fish Oil www.autoimmuneinstitute.com/advancedfishoil/ and Advanced Turmeric www.autoimmuneinstitute.com/advancedturmeric can work wonders here)

They are “healing opportunities” if you like, but can we say 100% certain that is the CAUSE of your problems?

No.  All we can do is fix them.

We just look for as many healing opportunities as we can, remove these stressors from the body and when we do that, then your symptoms miraculously start to take care of themselves.

At the end of the day that is all that matters.

You want to feel amazing and be able to stay that way forever, and I truly believe my process is the way that gets you there.

Want Some Help?

If you want some help in getting started on that journey, then click here…


Speak soon,


P.s. while we work to address the cause of your problems, you want to be doing all you can to maximise your health, and minimise your inflammation.  These supplements (Fish Oil www.autoimmuneinstitute.com/advancedfishoil/ and Turmeric www.autoimmuneinstitute.com/advancedturmeric) can be incredibly effective at doing that. Click the links to claim yours now.

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