How comfortable and confident do you feel in yourself?

The importance of this should not be underestimated when turning your health around.

You see, when you start to lead a healthy lifestyle, there WILL (yes, it’s pretty much guaranteed) be things that will try to throw you off track

Quite often these “things” are people/friends/family/colleagues who aren’t in a particularly healthy place themselves but also aren’t willing to do anything about it…

…and in a futile attempt to feel better about themselves, they will drag you back down to their level.

“Oh come on, don’t be boring, have some beers”

“Oh go on, have a dessert, it won’t hurt”

(why do they care if you have a dessert or not!?)

And you know what?

It takes confidence and comfortableness in yourself to stand up to this

It’s all too easy just to go with the flow, not draw attention to yourself, have a bloody dessert and some beers if it shuts them up, even if you don’t really want them!

Someone I work with recently came up against something like this in the office where she works

It was one of her colleague’s birthdays and, as is customary, the birthday boy has brought in a load of cakes to share with everyone

Everyone wass tucking in but my client decided to pass. She didn’t want a cake so she wasn’t having one, and certainly wasn’t criticising those who did.

However, someone soon noticed…“Oh you not having a cake?”

“No thanks, I’ll pass”

“Oh come on, have a cake”

“No I’m good thanks”

Then more people join in…

“Yeah come on have a cake”

“Jesus, I don’t want a cake…I’m staying healthy”

Ok…good start. But the “staying healthy” thing rarely works

(as all you get it “HEALTHY IS BORING!” back)

I personally feel that more explanation can often be useful, even if gruesome details are involved,

(e.g. I’ll be in the toilet for the next hour if I have a cake the way my guts are at the moment)

<< because nobody argues with that…and that’s where some confidence is needed.

However, my client took a slightly different approach…

As expected her healthy comment was met with some argument with one person claiming “Oh don’t worry about that. I’m on a diet too and I’m having a cake”

At which point…..

…and here comes the good bit…

my client looks this colleague up and down and says

“You’re on a diet? Not working very well is it?”


That seemed to do the trick…they all quietened down after that!

We’ve all come across incidents like this but like I say, it can be all too easy to cave in and just go with the flow.

Perhaps you don’t feel confident enough right now to do something such as my superstar client, in which case you could try a few of these things…

“No thanks, I don’t really like them”

“No thanks, I feel like rubbish when I eat things like that lately and really don’t want to”

“No thanks, I feel better than ever eating the food I’ve been eating and certainly don’t want to change that for a quick cake that I wouldn’t enjoy anyway”

If you say you want to look good, or just are trying to be healthy, then they will just all tell you that you look amazing already bla bla bla

If you let them know that you feel good, and eating cake makes you feel rubbish, then they can’t argue.

So either go for that approach…or just tell them all to get lost!

Speak soon


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