Today I want to help clear up some myths.

I often tell people who suffer with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, that addressing aspects of their diet is a critical first step in helping to relieve themselves of their symptoms.  But that can sometimes get met with a number of responses, some of which I’ve shown below…

“Eating Healthy is Boring”

Living with fatigue, in pain and with frequent visits to the toilet can also be boring.  I get that changing your diet can seem daunting at first but, in all honesty, it’s probably time to put things in perspective when you consider that living with inflammatory bowel disease is preferable to eating a healthy, nutrient rich, diet.

Also, healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring at all.  When you move to a more nutrient dense diet, your cravings very quickly change and you start to appreciate very different foods.  I eat very well but love my diet.  It’s not boring at all.  What’s more there are almost always healthy alternatives for the foods you love so there’s no need to ever miss out.

“Eating Healthy is Confusing”

I’ll give to you it that eating a diet for Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis CAN seem confusing, but it doesn’t need to be.

Sure you can get into the intricate details to start trying to gain that extra 5% improvement, but if most people focus on eating real food, and eating food that makes them FEEL good, then they will be a long way there.

“Healthy Eating takes up too much time”

There is no doubt that it is generally easier to eat poor food.  It’s easier to walk to a shop and grab a sandwich than it is to prepare real decent food. But it doesn’t have to be too time consuming if you do it the right way.

I don’t spend hours and hours in the kitchen each day.  I batch cook, and cook all of my daily meals at pretty much the same time.  In fact, I can cook a whole day’s meals in the time it would take to drive to the shop, pick up a takeaway and drive back again.

It takes a little more effort and imagination maybe but it doesn’t need to take up lots of time.

“Healthy eating is too expensive”

First thing to say here is this…

“Ask not why eating healthy is so expensive…ask why eating everything else is so cheap”

I’m not suggesting you should buy everything organic.  Or grass fed. Or spend hundreds each month on supplements (which is what many people end up doing).

If you know how to cook (and shop) then healthy eating doesn’t need to be mega expensive at all.

Batch cook, bulk buy, shop around, use rewards…there are a million ways to make it cheaper.

I often will batch cook some beef brisket in a slow cooker, for example.  That’s one of the cheapest meats you can buy and tastes AMAZING when its slow cooked.

Again, just a little imagination goes a long way.

Speak soon,


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