Today (13th October 2017) my gorgeous daughter, Sophie, turns 1.

She obviously won’t remember a bit of it but we have a busy couple of days planned with the family celebrating and, no doubt, spoiling her even more than she already is!

I remember when she was born that a few (superstitious) people commented on the fact that she was born on 13th (considered an unlucky number by many), and / or the fact she is a Libra (not sure what that means if I’m honest, I’ve never been one that has paid too much attention to star signs).

I must admit, these are things that I don’t ever really concern myself with but I know that many people do.

Certain cultures are typically much more superstitious than us in the UK.

For example, in China and Japan, the number 4 is often considered to be very unlucky.

This is because the words for ‘death’ and ‘four’ are pronounced almost exactly the same way.

And they take it quite seriously…

Many hospitals won’t have a fourth floor, for example, and many people won’t travel on the 4th day of a month

This got David Phillips, a scientist, wondering about the effects of this superstition on people’s health, and so he analysed the records of millions of people who had died, in America, over a 15 year period.

He compared the day of death of Chinese and Japanese Americans with white Americans over the same time period and what he found was really interesting….

In Chinese and Japanese Americans, chronic heart deaths increased by 13 percent on the 4th day of the month compared to any other day

(the same data in white Americans showed no peaks on any day)

It seems as if, even though these people were obviously very ill in the first place, and were likely going to die very soon anyway, they almost give up the battle on the 4th of the month because of their superstitious beliefs.

Shows what a huge effect mindset has on your health doesn’t it?

It’s a huge part of turning things around when living with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

In fact, mindset exercises are often some of the first things that I will send to my new clients when I start working with them.

It’s SO important to make sure your mindset is in a good place.

Without it, nothing else will follow. With it, EVERYTHING will follow.

The clients I work with who get the incredible results are the ones who embrace this stuff.

They have a very clear goal to get better, they believe it can happen, are motivated to make that happen and aren’t defining themselves by their disease.

Their internal voice speaks in a positive way.

They embrace change because they realise that if nothing changes…nothing changes

If your health isn’t where you want it to be right now, then spend today listening to how you are talking to yourself.

Is it positively or negatively?

What do you believe the future holds for your health?

Do you have a clear specific goal of how the future, healthy, you looks?

It could be an eye-opening experiment.

Do you see the positives in situations, or always focus on the negative?

I often get comments on my Facebook posts of people who are sceptical about what I’m saying or if they can improve their health.

For example, one post I shared a while ago was my wife’s story, in her own words, of how she got to a place where she is now symptom and medication free

(you can read it here

It’s an incredible story and one that most people find inspiration in but every now and then there will be a negative comment from someone.

One particular comment was “Hmmmm I’m sceptical of this story. I can’t imagine I would ever get off of medication”

I do appreciate that doctors may have lead you to believe that this type of thing isn’t possible, but Donna’s story is clearly true yet this person had chosen not to believe it.

She had chosen to tell herself that she will never get better, and because she had made those choices it’s very likely that she won’t get better and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, those who use the story as inspiration to take action, and turn things around once and for all are the ones who succeed.

Ultimately is your choice what you believe and what action you take.

And it’s those beliefs and actions that lead to results.

Speak soon,


p.s. if you are choosing to take action, and your mindset knows you can beat this thing, then apply here for a consult with me and we can discuss the best options for you to do that

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