It’s not easy to make me cringe.

But something that I really screw my nose up at and think “Urgh” is when I’m in a public toilet and see someone go to the toilet and walk out without washing their hands.

I know it’s not the world’s most disgusting habit, but at the same time taking a couple of second to follow some basic hygiene rules isn’t too much to ask, is it?!

Obviously the point of washing your hands after going to the loo is to remove any bacteria from your hands that may have been picked up

(so it’s actually for your own good, as well as that of people around you).

But researchers got a bit of a shock when they looked at the impact on hand bacteria levels depending on whether someone dried their hands using a paper towel or the warm air dryer.

What they found was that when someone used a paper towel it helped to reduce the bacteria count by around 45-60 percent.

But when the warm air dryer was used it INCREASED the bacteria by 255 percent.

Basically, after a bit of further research, they discovered that the bacteria were already within the dryer (because of the warm, moist environment that bacteria thrive on) and that was being transferred to the hands when blowing.

Now in most cases this isn’t a huge problem as the bacteria that they found weren’t thought to be particularly harmful strains (such as things like salmonella or campylobacter).

However, being wary of these harmful types of bacteria is really important, especially for someone who has Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

You see, we are being exposed to them everywhere, even when we might not expect it.

And someone who has a chronic health condition is more likely to pick something like that up as their bodies can’t fight the bugs off quite so easily.

Like I say you can get them anywhere but when you are travelling outside of the UK, if you spend a lot of time camping or working or swimming outside, or taking part in mud runs or sport outside, or spend time in hospital you are much more susceptible.

That’s where something like Advanced Protection comes in.

This is a supplement that contains a yeast probiotic known as “Saccharomyces Boulardii”.

One of the many benefits of this probiotic is that it helps to boost something known as Secretory IgA…

This is essentially the first line of defence for the immune system and plays a big part in helping to fight off the toxins, bacteria, infections etc. that we are exposed to each day.

Therefore, if you are ever in a situation such as one of those above when you are likely to be exposed to bad bugs (perhaps on an upcoming holiday for example), then using this fantastic supplement can help to protect you and may help to prevent you picking up something that could lead to a HUGE worsening of your symptoms.

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p.s. as I mentioned to you before, a few months ago I actually picked up Campylobacter myself and it left me on the toilet up to 20 times a day losing blood.

A client also got it and it put her in hospital and needing steroids.

You just can’t take the risk with something like this so when you are more likely to be exposed then using Advanced Protection as an insurance policy certainly makes sense.

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