Did you ever hear the story about a Chinese guy called Jian Feng?

He got married to this really pretty girl, the relationship was going great, and eventually his wife fell pregnant, giving birth to a baby girl.

But there was a problem…

The baby was ugly!

It didn’t make sense….

Jian was a pretty good looking guy. And his wife was beautiful.

The only explanation (to Jian) was that she had cheated on him with an ugly guy!

But that wasn’t the only explanation…

You see, in trying to prove her innocence, his wife revealed that she, too, was once quite ugly but had undergone a fair amount of plastic surgery to turn herself into the beauty she is today.

Jian wasn’t happy with this explanation at all.

In fact he was outraged!

He felt deceived and so he sued her for $120,000, saying she had gotten him to marry her under false pretences.

And guess what?


Pretty incredible story huh?

There seems to be conflicting reports about how true all of this is but I found it pretty amusing


Clearly things in life aren’t always as they seem…

While most people use Advanced Turmeric in a bid to reduce increase energy levels, reduce pain and get their bowel movements under control

(which often works very effectively)

there are still a huge number of additional potential health benefits that may be less noticeable.

(by the way, was that link seamless or what?!)

For example, it’s been shown that turmeric can help with improving the function of the blood vessel network around the heart.

In that respect it’s not something you notice immediate benefits from but may help to prevent heart disease in the future.

It’s also thought to be very good for the brain, making you sharper and happier at the same time.

Again, you wont notice an immediate effect, but long term the benefits are potentially huge.

Turmeric also has antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties. This means that it can help to protect you against the bad bugs that we are exposed to each day

(and if you don’t manage to fight them off then it can lead to a dramatic worsening in symptoms. Many people who come to me have been unknowingly battling bacterial infections for years that we uncover through our stool testing).

What’s more, because of the anti-inflammatory properties that is has, even if you don’t experience joint pain, energy problems or BM issues right now, you may be helping to prevent them in the future.

These issues arise when inflammation has been chronically high over a period of time – especially the case with joint pain).

By using turmeric you are helping to reduce inflammation and avoid things getting to the stage where big problems are showing themselves on a daily basis.

Preventative measures, and more subtle benefits, are easy to forget about but if they are ignored then over time that can lead to very big problems.

That’s why I personally supplement with turmeric on a daily basis (even though I don’t generally have any noticeable symptoms or health issues), and recommend that most others do too.

It’s convenient, and relatively cheap compared to the potential incredible health benefits it provides.

To grab your pot click here…


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p.s. for people who don’t have any noticeable symptoms and are taking Advanced Turmeric for health boosting and preventative measures, then a dose of 2 capsules per day is normally appropriate. This means that a bottle would last you for 2 months. Grabs yours here https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/products/advanced-turmeric

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