At risk of stating the obvious, the love that I have for my gorgeous daughter Sophie literally knows no bounds.

If I’m honest, for most of my adult life I always thought I would never be that bothered about having kids.

In some ways, they just seemed like they would be an expensive inconvenience!

But now I have Sophie, despite the sleepless nights, and the dirty nappies, I sometimes feel I could explode with love for her.

Can you relate at all?

Maybe you don’t have kids, but have you ever REALLY loved someone or something?

It’s an amazing feeling right?

But if someone asked you to describe what ‘love’ is, it’d be pretty hard to do wouldn’t it??

I recently heard someone say that trying to describe being in love…

…is like trying to describe the colour red to a blind person.

Which is also pretty hard when you think about it.

“ is like…erm, reddy colour”

Trying to describe to someone who has suffered with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis for a long time just how good it is possible to feel can be hard too at times.

For most people, it is such a long time ago that they felt even remotely good that it’s just hard for them to get their head around.

Even before the diagnosis many people likely didn’t feel as healthy and energetic as its possible to feel.

But now, living with symptoms days in, day out, in some ways that has become the norm.

However, that doesn’t mean that life always has to be a constant slog.

Once you get to the root of your problems, and have rebuilt your health, the impact on your vitality can be huge.

You can WANT to get out of bed in the morning, as opposed to hitting the snooze button each morning.

You can want to exercise, to have sex, to play with the kids, and to experience all that life has to offer, as opposed to feel shattered, with no libido, and no desire to leave the house.

You CAN have energy to burn.

Life can feel exciting as opposed to a day to day drag.

However, to get to that place long term, a focus on healthcare (not sick care) is needed.

A focus on getting to the bottom of the problems as opposed to solely trying to mask them is needed.

As I keep mentioning, I’m not against medication, but solely relying on that to manage your symptoms will never help you to thrive.

While your underlying problems continue to exist, then maybe you’ll get your bowel movements under control with meds alone, but it wont leave you feeling as fit and healthy and full of energy as is possible.

You don’t always have to have energy slumps during the day.

Or to wake up feeling terrible and not ready to attack the day

Or to want to fall sleep on the sofa at 8pm each night.

Life doesn’t have to be that way, even if you have been given a diagnosis of IBD from the doctor.

It might seem a long way away.  It might seem almost impossible to imagine right now.

But it is my mission in life to show people with chronic health problems that there is a better way, that things CAN change and I’m here for you if you want help in doing that.

Speak soon,


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