Have you had any holidays this year?

Or perhaps going on one soon?

Our only break so far was a week in Devon (Dartmouth) which was lovely.

Many people with Crohn’s / Colitis who I speak to will typically find that their symptoms often improve when they are on holiday.

This can be for a few reasons, including reduced stress, improved food quality (sometimes), and perhaps reduced exposure to certain toxins and chemicals in and around our homes.

It’s not just the typical symptoms though…

Sex drive can also often improve dramatically.

Sex drive can be a really effective gauge of overall health, but is typically something that is very low in people who are suffering with Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis or any other chronic health problem.

You don’t need me to tell you this but sex is important in a relationship, and it’s important to our overall happiness.

But when you suffer with fatigue, not to mention pain, flares and the fear of (quite frankly) possibly having an accident at a moments’ notice (which would possibly dampen the mood a little), then a little passion is often the last thing on your mind.

Unfortunately, I can’t pack you off on holiday but here are some common killers of libido to look out for when you suffer with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis…

Iron Deficiency

Low iron is very common in someone with Crohn’s or UC.

Iron is needed to help get oxygen into your cells, and low iron levels will often result in both fatigue and low libido.

This is something that is normally relatively easy to get checked with your doctor.

However, if you find they are low you also need to be questioning why that is (and resolving that).

For example, it could be loss of blood, or it could be inflammation (in which case working to reduce inflammation is required).

Additionally, including certain things such as red meat, liver, and green leafy vegetables in your diet can all help.

The ingredients in Advanced Vitality have been shown to help support iron absorption so may be worthy of consideration here if you find you are deficient.


One very common side effect of certain medications is low sex drive.

Obviously I’m not saying just cut out your meds as that potentially would lead to other problems if you haven’t got to the cause of your issues, but it certainly is a factor.

Many of my clients have been able to eliminate or substantially reduce their medication as a result of the work that we’ve done together.  Click here to see some of their stories.


As already touched on, stress can be a huge killer of sex drive.

Aside from just packing up and going on holiday, there are many, many ways to help reduce stress in your life, and giving these some focus is important for not just your libido, but all of your symptoms.

Personally, I find a nice relaxing walk can be really good for stress levels, as well as taking a few minutes each day for some deep breathing exercises.

There are also certain adaptogenic herbs and teas that can help here.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Certain nutrient deficiencies (in particular Vitamin D, B12, and Zinc) have all been linked with ruining your sex drive and all of which are reasonably common in someone with IBD.

Again, getting your levels checked for these is normally relatively simple, but reducing inflammation (with things such as turmeric and fish oil), getting plenty of sun (without burning), eating a good, varied, nutritious diet and considering supplementing with Vitamin D3 will all be of assistance.

Low Fat Intake

I often mention this as it’s such a common problem, but when people eat too little fat in their diet, or eat the wrong type of fat, this can have a huge impact on healthy hormone production (which in turn leads to poor libido).

Including things such as coconut milk or oil, avocado, oily fish and extra virgin olive oil can, therefore, be really beneficial.

Hormonal Imbalances

An imbalance in certain hormones in the body will lead to a range of symptoms, including poor sex drive.

Optimal levels of things such as testosterone (even for women), progesterone and oestrogen are all really important, yet can become wildly imbalanced over time due to a range of factors (such as stressors, infections, diet, toxins, and more).

Unfortunately, correcting hormone levels naturally often isn’t a quick fix, but over time it can be done.

To help, Advanced Cycle is something that contains 9 different herbs all shown to help support women through their monthly cycle, as well as being fantastic for women going through the menopause.

This means that not only can it help with the rollercoaster or emotions and symptoms through the month, but also, over time, can help a huge amount with your sex drive.

Check it out here https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/products/advanced-cycle

I really do hope that the above can help to set you on the path of improved libido.  If you do have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Speak soon,


p.s. for all the females who do feel their hormones are out of balance, and that this could be contributing towards either a change in symptoms, emotions or low sex drive, then I really would encourage you to give Advanced Cycle a try.  It’s completely natural and over time can be hugely effective https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/products/advanced-cycle

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