It’s not often I would complement Russia on their policies.

However, recently Vladimir Putin announced that Russia were going organic in a big way.

They are planning on being the “largest world supplier of healthy, ecologically clean, and high-quality food in the next five years”.

Good for them!

I’m often asked if buying organic food is worthwhile.  My response is that, in an ideal world, if you have no money concerns, then yes, it is worthwhile.

While some studies, and people, would claim that there is little (if any) benefit to buying organic produce, I certainly don’t agree.

Eating food that is filled with pesticides and whatever else can NOT be good for your health.  Minimising toxin exposure is critical, especially when you suffer with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

However, I do appreciate that going organic is not the cheapest option and so I highly suggest you check out the “EWG dirty dozen”.  Here they show you the latest list of the 12 most chemically sprayed vegetables (so if you are going to spend money on organic foods, it should be those ones).

However, having said all of that, I do also believe that the health of many people would benefit even further if they placed a greater focus on instead buying local produce for their diet as opposed to just organic produce.

There are a number of reasons for this…

Firstly, the length of time that a vegetable has been out of the ground for has a huge effect on its nutrient content.

Much of the produce available in the major supermarkets has been grown hundreds or thousands of miles away and the length of time it takes to travel to the place of sale will affect its quality (regardless of whether the product is organic or not).

Some products have been out of the ground for a whole week by the time they reach a supermarket.

That time is obviously greatly reduced with local produce.

Another reason is simply that the less time something has been out of the ground for, the better it tastes.  For example, compare a freshly picked strawberry over one from the supermarket – it can be a whole world apart!

A third reason is that you will be supporting local farmers and the local economy.  Supermarkets make very large profit margins on the food they sell.  Buying locally can be of benefit to both the buyer (you!) as well as the local farmer.  Win win!

Finally, it’s good for the environment.  By using products that have been grown locally, you are not encouraging the transportation of them (whether that be by air or by truck) and the knock on effects that the fuel use of this will have on the environment.

Obviously locally produced organic foods are the best option you can go for but as that is not always possible (whether that be due to availability or cost) then a focus on buying local will certainly be beneficial for many reasons.

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