Are you happy?

Each year, the “World Happiness Report” is published.

This lists, in order, the worlds happiest countries and looks at the factors that make them so happy.

Recently the list for 2017 was published and the top 10 countries looked like this…








New Zealand



It definitely looks like the Scandinavian countries are a pretty happy bunch!

Notice that, despite their relative wealth, neither the UK nor U.S. feature in the top 10.

In fact, they were 19th and 14th respectively.

Clearly wealth isn’t the main factor in determining happiness.

In fact, the 5 areas in which the top 10 countries all scored well in were:

  • Freedom and Trust (absence of govt corruption)
  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Income
  • Generosity
  • Having someone to count on in times of trouble

The life expectancy part is an interesting one…

Pretty much all of the countries in the top 10 have a higher life expectancy than people in the UK or U.S.

In fact, for the first time ever, a child born in the UK or US today has a shorter life expectancy than their parents!

That’s pretty crazy when you think about ALL the advances in medicine, and all the money spent on drugs each year.

Medication does save lives and has certainly helped to increase life expectancy to a certain extent.

But at the same time, we have become so heavily reliant on medication for chronic diseases, that we use them for a quick fix as opposed to working to get to the root of the problems.

And that doesn’t help our health or life expectancy.

If we just took a leaf out of the countries in the top 10, all of which have a much more active lifestyle and a diet much lower in processed foods, then the impact on our health, life expectancy, and happiness would be huge.

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p.s. while its far from being the only thing that’s needed to increase your lifespan, studies have shown that turmeric may actually increase life expectancy. One study done on fireflies (which have an average life expectancy of 64 days) showed that when they were fed curcumin (which is found in turmeric) their average life span increased to 80 days! Now admittedly fireflies aren’t humans but it just shows the potential of this amazing spice that seems to have endless health benefits for pretty much everyone.

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