Jade came to me last year.

She was struggling badly with the symptoms of her Crohn’s.

She had problems with her bowel movements, joint pain and hair loss

(which for anyone must be awful, but especially for her as a hairdresser).

In her own words, this is her story

(if you’d prefer, you can see the video Jade kindly recorded here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfvQ38VTtxI )

“Hi, my name is Jade and I’ve been fighting for a diagnosis for Crohn’s for the last four years. I finally got diagnosed last January.

 I felt like the doctors were not helpful in the slightest. I wasn’t really aware of the illness itself. The IBD Clinic were very helpful and understood Crohn’s a lot more than my GP, but the appointments were too far apart.

 With a number of different steroids and medication and mild and severe episodes, the IBD Clinic finally found the right drug for me. However, this drug eased my pain but I was suffering with hair loss and pain in my joints. Occasionally I had bites all over my body. I was feeling very low.

 Then my dad found Greg online. With reading about his plan and several different payment options for how to deal with this, I was really happy what I was reading. After discussing these options with my family, we decided to go for the top option and never looked back.

 I’ve received more information and support than anyone had ever given me. Not just the results of my stool samples and urine samples, they helped me with a gluten, dairy and wheat free diet. Also Paleo diet along with a recipe book he sent to me.

 Also, detoxing my whole body and introducing new foods and advising me of which ones to avoid.

 The detailed reports and phone calls I’ve received were extremely helpful. I cannot thank Greg enough and highly recommend him and his expertise.

 Now with the right medication and Greg’s advice I haven’t had one episode of pain, eating healthy and my hair has stopped falling out.

 I never thought I could live a normal life after being diagnosed. I was feeling very depressed. But now I know there is hope. So thank you Greg, I will always be in your debt.

 Never lose hope. Hope is greater than fair and gives us the strength to keep on fighting.”

Jade has done amazingly.

It’s so good to see how she has turned her health around in such a short space of time.

If you’d like to do the same then apply here and we can discuss the best next steps for you www.iamgregwilliams.com/apply

Speak soon


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