Jade McAllister (pic below) came to me last year.

She’s been struggling badly with her Crohn’s.

She suffered with cramping and urgently needing to go to the toilet (often several times, especially in the morning) and would frequently bleed. In addition she was heavily reliant on steroids, and constantly felt fatigued.

In her own words, here is her story…

“Before I began working with Greg I had been struggling with Crohn’s disease for a few years, I was given steroids which I was unable to stop taking. I struggled to keep my job at times due to having so much time off and genuinely believed that this would be my life and things couldn’t get better. 

I always noticed that the things I ate could affect my symptoms and so I started researching diets which may help such as the elimination diet and cutting out gluten but I didn’t have much success as different websites had conflicting information and guidance. 

I came across Greg through Facebook and started reading his blogs eventually thinking that he may actually be able to help and plucking up the courage to contact him.

I’m so glad I did!

Within a few days of the program I was feeling better I had more energy and wasn’t running to the toilet as much.

 It’s not easy at times and requires will power and effort but isn’t it worth it to be feeling good?

6 months on I’m still well, I can do everything I want without worrying about being ill and I feel good about the future! 

I would advise anyone to give him a try, there’s nothing to lose and you may be feeling good sooner than you thought.”

The transformation in Jade’s health has been so fantastic to see. She has done incredibly well and is reaping the benefits of taking action, now able to lead a happy healthy life on her terms.

If you’d like to achieve what Jade has, then book in for a free call with me and I’ll show you the steps to go through to get there.


Speak soon,


p.s. here’s a pic of the lovely Jade…

Jade Pic


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