Jennifer came to me suffer with her Crohn’s symptoms.

She had recently been diagnosed, and had already tried a lot diet wise but wasn’t making the progress she wanted.  Here’s her story…

“I started working with Greg soon after I had been first diagnosed with Crohn’s.

 The medical profession were trying to encourage me to take huge does of steroids. I had seen so many of my patients at work suffer so much, partly due to the side effects of medications they had been given and so was determined that that was not the way I wanted to manage my Crohn’s.

 I had researched other ways of managing it online but there were so many different diets suggested that to be honest it was all a bit confusing, but I knew there must be a better way than taking a cocktail of drugs with huge side effects.

 Greg and one of his members of staff Jennifer’s help was invaluable as they had a similar ethos and had the knowledge that I didn’t and were able to fill in the gaps that I would probably never have worked out.

The whole process was clear and it was so helpful to touch base and process what had been going on for the preceeding few weeks and to have really sensible suggestions that I hadn’t thought of.

Greg was able to help me in an extremely holistic way looking at so many life-style factors: diet, stress, toxins, all of which have had such a positive impact on my life.  Although I am not completely symptom free all the time, over the period of time working with Greg and Jennifer, I have been able to work out what my particular triggers are (in particular wheat and grains) and the huge impact stress has on my symptoms.  This was really noticeable whilst on holiday when I was pretty much symptom free.

In day to day life, thanks to Greg, I am now able to manage my symptoms and if they do return I am able to work out what has triggered them and get back on top of things. Without Greg filling in the gaps of my knowledge, I think this would still be an enigma.

It was a big investment but I am so thankful that I am able to manage the condition without a cocktail of drugs some with life changing side effects.

When I started work with him, I was exhausted all the time having spent around 10 months not absorbing anything. The idea of going out in the evening was an impossibility.

I am now back to my normal energised self and can pretty much keep up with anything now, working nearly full time, fostering, taxi-ing three teenage girls around and lots of long walks with our lovely Labrador,  which is such a contrast to when I started working with Greg when everything was a struggle and I had felt I had to ration where I was going to invest where my energy as there was so little of it. “

The progress Jennifer has made has been fantastic to see.  She leads a busy life, but has managed to turn things around and can now live life on her terms.

If you are interested in getting to the same place, then just apply here for a consultation where we can discuss best next steps

Speak soon,


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