Liz (pictured below) is a fantastic lady who came to me suffering with Ulcerative Colitis.

The doctors were pushing for her to go on Azathioprine (which she was resistant to doing), and so she came to me for help.

Here’s her story, in her own words…

“Before working with Greg I had been suffering with constant diarrhoea, low energy levels, and lack of appetite for many months, caused by ulcerative colitis.  I desperately wanted to get my health back and once again enjoy swimming, yoga, vegetable gardening and cycling.  All these activities were impossible as I just felt so weak and exhausted all the time, and was unable to stray very far away from a toilet!

The prescribed ever-increasing medication from the IBD clinic was not helping very much, and if anything seemed to be making matters worse.  Disillusioned with hospital GI specialists, strong UC drugs and invasive medical procedures, I started searching the Internet, and Facebook to see what others were doing for their ulcerative colitis.  Here I met so many conflicting opinions and advice, some of it was almost laughable and unbelievable, but mostly it was very confusing and depressing.  However, what I did learn was that each person is very different and what might work for one would not necessarily help another person with their UC.

What I wanted was a personalised programme based on MY symptoms and what I was eating or unable to eat.  Also, I wanted to know exactly what was happening to MY gut and innards that were causing me to be so ill, something my doctors and even the IBD nurses seemed to think was an extraordinary request! 

But I also wanted help from someone who knew what they were up against, someone who knew precisely what I was experiencing with an ulcerative colitis flare-up, and had a good and proven success rate with their treatment.

Greg seemed the ideal choice to help me, as his wife had suffered badly from ulcerative colitis in the past and he had successfully helped her regain and maintain full health.  I was impressed that he could arrange for a comprehensive 3 day stool test which would indicate clearly what my gut was having difficulty with, something no doctor had ever offered or suggested to me! 

Initially I was concerned at the costs involved, but decided that I would be making a valuable investment to my future well-being.  To begin with keeping a food diary for several weeks was a bit daunting, but it certainly encouraged me to eat regular proper meals again and be guided into making wiser food choices. 

Test results revealed that my gut was in very poor condition. Greg suggested and supplied several supplements for me to take short term, along with my existing medication, to improve and support my gut flora. 

Gradually with Greg’s guidance, supplements, and food choice suggestions I had a better day now and again, was eating tasty food, and beginning to feel more in control.     Good days became more frequent, and my energy levels began to improve, with toilet visits becoming less frequent. 

Three months into the programme I was feeling much better, good days were outweighing bad days and I was confident enough to start swimming again, returned to yoga classes, and began to take an interest in my neglected vegetable garden once more.  I was enjoying a much wider range of food, and learning all the time about healthier eating and how to further improve my eating habits. 

My husband had been very concerned with how ill I had been and was relieved to see me regaining my strength and interest in life.  We started cycling together again, going walking, and even eating out occasionally.   Towards the end of Greg’s programme I felt so healthy and full of energy it was almost unbelievable! 

Now bad days and constant toilet visits no longer exist for me.  I am currently on minimum medication, taking a couple of supplements daily, eating well, bouncing around full of energy, and couldn’t be happier with such an amazing turnaround.  Life really is good once more!  I am so grateful to Greg for all the help and hard work he put into a comprehensive programme to get me well again. 

If you are thinking of maybe working with Greg, but are hesitating then I’d say, go on, you’re worth it – you have nothing to lose. He is so easy to work with, is very understanding and knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humour.  Invest and enjoy the journey back to good health.”

Liz has done fantastically. It’s so good to see her bouncing round full of energy, especially when compared to how she felt at the start of the programme.

If you are interested in getting the help that Liz had, then apply here for a consultation to discuss best next steps

Speak soon,


p.s. here’s a picture of the amazing lady…

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