Lucy came to me last year.

She had been struggling very badly with her Crohn’s, was fatigued, in pain, showed high levels of inflammation, and had been anaemic for 14 years.

In her own words, here’s her story…

“Hi I’m Lucy.  Before starting the process I’d had Crohn’s Disease for 14 years. I’d kept severe symptoms at bay by taking Azathioprine. This worked relatively well until recent years when I started to see an increase in complications and hospital stays. I decided that I needed to help myself, I’ve always known that diet was linked with Crohn’s and when I saw Greg’s website it made perfect sense.

My main reservation was cost, initially it did seem like a lot of money.  The way I justified this was to think of it as the cost of an amazing holiday. A holiday only lasts 2 weeks but if this process worked I’d be symptom free forever! A no brainier really.

For me the process was really easy to follow. Greg and I kept in touch weekly by email. Greg reviewed my diet from the previous week and made suggestions of what foods were causing my symptoms. From the initial information given to Greg he knew that I struggled with managing stress, like many of us. He suggested lots of ideas to help me reduce stress in my life. I did feel that the process was tailored to me as an individual especially regarding diet.

Now at the end of the process I am symptom free. I no longer feel bloated, fatigued or have stomach cramps.  My most recent blood test shows that I am free from inflammation and I am not anaemic for the first time in 14 years!

I would recommend anyone to work with Greg, with Greg’s help I have achieved everything that I set out to do. I’m super happy with the results.”

Lucy’s turnaround has been fantastic to see. To finally show no inflammation or anaemia for the first time in 14 years shows that getting to the cause of your problems, rather than just trying to mask them with drugs, is the only solution to long term health.

If you are fed up of living with the symptoms of IBD, or the awful side effects of the medication, then click below for a no obligation chat with myself and I can explain my programs to you.

Speak soon,


p.s. here is a picture of the lovely Lucy who is now able to lead life on her terms…

Lucy pic 


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