I recently went on a really nice holiday to Dartmouth, in Devon, for a week.

It really was beautiful down there, well worth checking out if you haven’t been already.

Anything further afield right now with Sophie (my daughter) isn’t all that realistic but we had a great week and some cracking weather.

I know, however, at this time of year many people will be going on holiday outside of the UK.

And that’s fantastic.

For many, a nice break away actually helps to reduce the symptoms of their Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis

(likely because of the reduced stress levels on holiday).

But there can be increased risks too…

In certain countries, the levels of cleanliness (especially when cooking) might not be what they are at home, and that can leave you exposed to picking up certain types of bugs that could worsen your symptoms.

What’s more, some of the bugs that can affect our health are simply more prevalent in certain countries.

As I’ve shared with our before, my wife’s Ulcerative Colitis symptoms dramatically worsened after a trip to Thailand where she had picked up a big

(and it wasn’t until we put in place an appropriate protocol to kill that off did the symptoms go away again).

Now obviously I’m not suggesting you never go away again

(though I’m not sure Ill ever convince Donna to go back to Thailand, no matter how much I love it there, as she has actually been ill both times we’ve been there, the first time on our honeymoon).

But you can do something to help better protect yourself when you are there.

Advanced Protection is one of the supplements I’ve brought out that contains something known as Saccharomyces Boulardii

A simple Google of this probiotic yeast will show you all the benefits it can have but, in particular, it can help to boost something known as “secretory IgA”.

This is the first line of defence for the immune system, and basically helps to prevent toxins and bugs making their way into our body where they can cause us a lot of harm

(it has many other benefits too including helping to fight diarrhea, helping to protect our good bacteria during antibiotic use, and helping to fight clostridium difficile).

While its obviously not 100% foolproof taking something such as this before, during and after your holiday abroad can help to provide you with a huge level of protection against these bugs which can only be good for your health…not to mention a much better holiday!

If you’re interested, then check it out by clicking here https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/products/advanced-protection

Speak soon,


p.s. if you are going away, I hope you have a fantastic time! And if you’re not…I hope you have a fantastic time at home!

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