Nathan came to me suffering badly with Ulcerative Colitis.

In fact, when we ran his stool test, his inflammation levels were the highest I’d EVER seen

(and I obviously see some pretty high levels).

In his own words, here is his story…

(if you’d rather see a video of Nathan talking through his journey then just click here)

“Before I got diagnosed I’d been having abdominal pain for quite some time. I’d had MRIs, x-rays, blood tests, but it wasn’t until I reluctantly had a colonoscopy that I was diagnosed with it.

And from then on the pain got worse, I started getting blood in my stool and it got a lot harder to leave the house, the toilet trips being 20 plus times a day.

I went up the pyramid of treatment, drugs wise, going on harder and harder drugs until eventually it got to the point where I was either facing surgery, to remove my colo, or drugs with some pretty serious side effects, like birth defects and things like that.

So far none of the drugs except for the corticosteroids (which you can’t stay on) have been effective in any way. And the drugs I’d begun to try had a much lower change of working as opposed to the more common ones.

So I decided, against the advice of my doctor, to come off all of the drugs at once. My doctor actually said he thought I’d even need emergency surgery or die! But luckily, I didn’t do either of those things and the pain didn’t really get any worse, but it also didn’t get any better.

And I needed to sort myself out. So I tried a few diets like the GAPS diet and the ones that exclude wheat and things like that, but I’d seen no improvement over a couple of weeks, so I stopped them until I found Greg.

I’m not gonna lie, I never would have considered paying money to a stranger off the internet to help me where my doctor couldn’t even help me. But I was at the point where I’d have tried anything, so I did it.

He sent me through a few documents and questions with all sorts of stuff on it like stress related questions, sleep related questions as well as just the diet ones. And then he set me through a personalised recovery plan.

I kept to the plan rigidly and I did slowly notice that I was going to the toilet less and experiencing much less pain, there was less blood in my stool. Throughout the day I could just start to get on with my life a bit more without thinking continuously about the condition that I’ve got. Until I got to a point where I’ve been better than I’ve been in years.

Greg was always available to help me if I had any issues, through email, Skype, phone calls. The support was really good throughout the entire programme and the programme was really easy to follow, but it still gave a lot of information.

The best thing I achieved from the programme was definitely getting my life back. Even when my health was just improving a little bit, just having the knowledge that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and my life isn’t going to be a never ending transition between pain and drugs and staying inside and hospital trips.

And I remember thinking so clearly that I’d never be able to go anywhere too far from a bathroom again and there’s so many things that I’d miss out on. And it would impact my job and I’d miss out on so much.

But since I’ve done that, I’ve done countless skydives, I’ve run a Tough Mudder, got a job, got a girlfriend, and at no point during any of those things did I even give a second thought to whether my condition would hold me back. And honestly, my mood’s lifted so much since I’ve done Greg’s programme.

I feel not 100% now but so much better that I can actually get on with my life and hopefully I’ll keep improving, and Greg said that if I ever need any help again after the programme, feel free to get in contact, we’re really good in support if there are.

The brilliant thing about Greg is that he’ll work with the doctors and the treatments, you don’t have to stop all the treatments like I did. The programme is really expensive but the way I figured it was that I wasn’t happy where I was and if there was even the slightest chance that I could get my health back and be me again, I’d pay every penny I had and more. And the only thing I regret from the programme was that I didn’t do it sooner to be honest.

I definitely recommend the programme to anyone with IBD. I know it’s hard to take it on faith, that it’ll help and these videos/testimonials helped me from the previous clients before me, so here’s mine.”

Nathan is a young guy who, without taking action, would have seen his life controlled by his symptoms and his disease.

It’s so pleasing to see how he has turned things around, he is now medication free, and is now SO MUCH better than he once was.

If you’d like some similar help then apply here

Speak soon,


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