Simon came to me suffering badly with Ulcerative Colitis.

He was a busy guy, in a busy job, but the symptoms – fatigue in particular – was affecting all aspects of his life (including performance at work and his family life).

Here’s his story in his own words…

“My health before working with Greg was quite poor. I was very tired all the time. I had no energy to do anything with family, evenings or weekends. I was bloated and had very bad gas. I had frequent visits to the toilet and I was very unhappy with very low mood.

My reservations prior to working with Greg were that I wasn’t sure an improvement was possible as this is what the doctors at my IBD clinic had told me. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to commit to it 100% and if I couldn’t, would it even be worth doing at all. I was also concerned with the relatively high cost.

The process was difficult to start with as there was a big change to my diet and my lifestyle habits. This became easier as I increasingly noticed positive changes. Greg was very supportive and the structure he gave to the process was really easy to work with and easy to make a habit.

The best thing achieved from the programme is how I feel now. I rarely feel uncomfortable now. I have much better energy levels and I have a much more positive outlook.

My family and friends have benefited greatly from me undergoing this process. I’m now far happier and enjoy spending time with them.

I’m happy to play with my daughter evenings or weekends and go out with my wife and friends and don’t just sit crashed out on the sofa. I can actually engage in conversation and have a great time while I’m out.

It took me a while to decide whether to work with Greg or not but if I could go back six months, I wouldn’t think twice. The perception of the large cost and inconvenience are nothing compared to the vast improvement in my health and my general well-being.”

There were many elements we needed to address to get him to this place including diet changes and testing (that uncovered yeast bacterial issues, digestive problems, and nutrient deficiencies which we will able to address with diet and certain targeted supplements.)

Simon’s turnaround has been fantastic to see, and all aspects of his life have improved as a result.

If you are fed up of your symptoms affecting your life – your performance at work, your relationship with your family, and your social life – then hopefully Simon’s story can give you hope that there is a way to turn things around when you are shown how.

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