How’s summer been for you so far?

(I’m writing this from the UK, appreciate it’s not summer for everyone!).

At risk of seeming a little negative, it’s not far from being over!

I’ve enjoyed it as ever, but (as ever) it’s probably not been as warm as I’d have liked.

There’s nothing better in my opinion than the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin.

It just makes me feel so good!

One other, often under-appreciated – and sometimes frowned upon – benefit of the hot weather is…


Sweating essentially opens up the pores in our body and helps to draw out some of the toxins in it.

Toxins can be seriously impacting our health, and can be a major contributor of symptoms in someone with any kind of chronic health problem.

Addressing toxins is one of my DREAMT principles but it’s so often forgotten behind things like diet and supplements.

The products we use, the fumes in the air, what we clean with and much more all contain toxins that are absorbed into our body.

And our body doesn’t like it.

Avoiding these things completely is obviously impossible and so we need to do all we can to help our body get rid of these toxins.

That’s primarily a job for the liver but sweating is also another really effective – and easy – way of helping your body to detoxify.

It’s also thought that it can help to fight off any bacteria on your skin too so can be good for skin condition as well as protecting you against problematic bacterial infections.

I appreciate that if you are particularly fatigued right now you may not want to exercise so much that you end up sweating, and the average weather may not bring you out in a sweat either, but having a nice warm bath, or finding a sauna, can be a good way to open up the pores a little.

Obviously make sure that you’re replacing the fluids lost through sweating, so staying well hydrated, drinking plenty of water is going to be important (as well as possibly adding a little good quality salt to your meals occasionally to replace the lost electrolytes).

Hope that helps.

Speak soon,


p.s. if you haven’t yet caught it, I was recently interviewed on the fantastic Paleo Valley podcast.  We talk all about IBD and, if you get a chance, you might find it worth a listen.  Here’s the link

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