One of the last times I went to the cinema was when I went to watch ‘Gravity’ with Sandra bullock.

Wow, awesome film, loved it.

Visually incredible.

Don’t worry though, I’ve not turned into Barry Norman.  I’m not here to review films.

Rather I wanna share with you something I noticed about what happened when I was there…

Now I’ve had my nutrition dialled in for a long time, and generally don’t crave poor foods any more (which happens when you start to eat well…your body starts to naturally crave things that make it feel good – sometimes in only a few days).

But when I was at the cinema, I was CRAVING the life out of a tub of Ben ‘n Jerry’s ice cream or a bucket of popcorn.

Like I wanted it badly.

Now I’m not saying people can never eat this stuff.  We all can eat these things every now and then, if we time it right.

But for me at that time, for a few different reasons, it wasn’t going happen. I wanted to stay strong.

gravity food cravings

It got me thinking about why we crave these things.

Why can’t people sit and watch a film without eating a tonne of rubbish?  Why was I craving something just because I was at the cinema.  It’s not like I get these cravings when I’m sitting at home watching TV.

I know I’m not the only one.  As soon as we get to the cinema, we have to fill our faces!

Is watching Sandra bullock in hot pants not enough for you?!

(yes, she was lost in space but the director still managed to find a way to justify getting her into some hot pants. Great work).

Here’s my theory…

Some people will say that these cravings are caused by things such as the marketing, the fact that everyone else is eating it, the smells that these foods give off, etc.

And to some extent that’s true.

Other people will say cravings can be caused by boredom.

I agree with that too, but this was an awesome film.  I wasn’t bored in the slightest…(Sandra Bullock was in hot pants, remember?).

If everyone was always that bored at the cinema then they would soon go out of business!

No, above all of those things I think it comes down to one thing….


You see I hadn’t been to the cinema in a loooong time. Probably going back to the days when I was carrying a bit more blubber than I do now and when I didn’t care so much about what I ate.

This meant, that even though going to the cinema wasn’t a habit in itself, what was a habit for me was that every time I go to the cinema I eat rubbish food.

That’s all. Nothing more. Just habit.

Your body doesn’t need these foods.  But your brain is saying “ok buddy, we’re at the cinema, lets raid Ben n Jerry’s”

(in case you hadn’t notice, I’m a Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s monster if I want to be…..I could out-eat ANYONE).

Now this time round I stayed strong.  But if I hadn’t I would have fed the habit, so to speak.

And next time I went to the cinema those cravings would have come back.

But because I stayed strong, next time I go maybe the cravings will still be there but they will be much, much smaller than the last time.

And so it will be much, much easier to resist.

A similar thing used to occur if I spent a Saturday night in at home.

I’d spend the evening devouring as many rubbish foods as I could find…..until, surprise surprise, it made me feel rubbish.

I’d be fine in the week. I wouldn’t feel the need to do it Monday to Friday.

But it would get to Saturday night and I’d want CHOCOLATE CRAP, FRIED CRAP, WITH SOME SUGARY CRAP ON TOP!!!

So I addressed it.

I stayed strong for a couple of weeks, and the cravings just went away.

It doesn’t cross my mind any more.

If I’m home on a Saturday night nowadays, I’ll have a nice meal, but I no longer feel the need to smother myself in ice cream or chocolate.

It’s become easy.

And this is something that is important to learn…

Next time you crave something ask why it is you are craving it.

Your brain is telling you that you need these things, but you don’t at all.

If you look at the situation, assess things, understand that this is just some limiting old habit that you need to get out of, it will make it much easier to stay strong.

Your brain is very clever at convincing you that you need these foods.  It finds ways to make excuses for having them.

If you understand it’s workings, you can defeat it.  Especially when you know that staying strong even just once, maybe a couple of times, that next time that situation comes up, these cravings will go away and you’ll be a step closer to the body, health and energy levels that you desire.

Speak soon,



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