Through the Autoimmune Institute I offer a range of ultra-high quality, extremely effective, supplements for people with chronic health conditions (such as Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis).

Unfortunately, the dietary supplement industry is largely unregulated.  This ultimately means that companies are able to put very cheap, ineffective, poor quality supplements on the shelves and get away with it.  Corners are cut to boost profit margins. Companies look for short term profit, rather than truly caring about the health of the customer.  And quite often the consumer knows no better.

I decided to start offering supplements because I knew there was a better way…

Supplements are far from being the only thing needed to help turn someone’s health around, but they can be very beneficial.  However, when someone does suffer with a chronic health problem, giving them a poor quality, cheap supplement would likely make things WORSE which is the last thing they would want.

I want someone to be able to live a happy, confident, energetic life on their own terms, and when it comes to supplements, I know you need QUALITY in order to do that.

Therefore, the supplements we offer at the Autoimmune Institute are extremely effective, and extremely high quality.

They are proven to work, they are products I would be happy to use myself, and are products I know can help.  I am happy recommending them to my family and friends, and we offer a unrivalled 90 day moneyback guarantee on all purchases.  We use natural ingredients, free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colours or preservatives.

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