Tim came to me late last year, struggling badly with his Crohn’s.

He enjoyed his cycling, but his symptoms were preventing him from doing much of that at all, not to mention the fact it they were also preventing him from doing as much with his children as he’d have liked.

In his own words, this is his story…

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s about 18yrs ago, though my symptoms started about a year or two before that.

In particular, I suffered with bloating, pain in the stomach, and especially sharp pains on the right side, and also nausea.

I was going to the toilet far too often, but my biggest frustration was the lack of energy. I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I would like and wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted with my children because I felt so shattered.

I was heading towards 40 and decided there was no better time to start turning things around, which is why I got in touch with Greg.

I’m so glad I did. Over the past 6 months I’ve worked with him and Colin (one of his coaches) and feel so so so much better.

My bowel movements are now back under control, and I have so much more energy now to do the things I love including exercise and spending more time with my family.

What’s more I enjoy everything about my diet and lifestyle. I had been a bit hesitant about getting in touch with Greg as I was concerned I’d be put on a boring, restrictive diet, but I genuinely do love what I eat and know I will be able to do this for the rest of my life.

Honestly, if you suffer with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis and want to get your life back, then get in touch with Greg. I’m so glad that I did, it will make a massive difference to how you feel.”

Tim really has done incredibly.

What’s more, he is completely free of medication!!









If Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis is affecting your life, then I hope Tim’s story has helped to encourage you that there is a better way, and it is possible to completely turn things around.  To read more success stories like this then click here www.iamgregwilliams.com/success-stories/

If you are interested in getting some help in doing that, then fill in this application form and we can have a chat about how to get started www.iamgregwilliams.com/apply

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